Introduction to computer linguistics (2021/2022)

  1. Computer linguistics and other kinds of linguistic study
  2. Languages of the world, current statistics and forecast
  3. Applications of natural language processing in daily life.
  4. Speech processing, synthesis and recognition available via Python
  5. Tools developers use: PYCHARM, DATACAMP, GITHUB, R, RStudio…
  6. Natural Language Processing with Python and DataCamp courses.
  7. Corpus linguistics and text mining with Python and Datacamp courses.
  8. Parsing and tagging, lemmatisation in Python and Datacamp courses.
  9. Methods of semantic analysis in Natural Language Processing.
  10. Examples of chatbots and dialogue systems in Python. testing OPENAI.
  11. Building data flows with Python for Natural Language Processing
  12. Machine Learning algorithms for Natural Language Processing
  13. Large Language Models and ethical problems